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Disinherited Daughter Awarded £164,000

29 Jul 2015 by

The Court of Appeal’s decision in Ilott v Mitson (& Ors) appears to have divided public opinion on the performance of a testator’s wishes recorded in a Will. At the time of writing this blog, there were 879 comments on the BBC’s online article reporting the case. Having read through a small number of those ... more>

Pre Jackson Costs regime – maintaining the status quo

23 Jul 2015 by

The Supreme Court handed down judgment yesterday in the landmark costs case of Coventry v Lawrence as to whether the system for the recovery of costs in civil litigation in England and Wales under the Access to Justice Act 1999 (“the Act”) is compatible with the European Convention on Human Rights. Background The underlying case ... more>

Guía introductoria para Contratistas Internacionales que realizan trabajos de construcción en Inglaterra y Gales

22 Jul 2015 by

  Contratos en la construccion en Inglaterra y Gales Con la fortaleza de la economía del Reino Unido, sobre todo la de Londres, se esta observando  un número creciente de empresas extranjeras que establecen sus operaciones en Inglaterra y Gales. En Colman Coyle a menudo asesoramos a empresas internacionales que tienen sus negocios ya establecidos ... more>

Legal Guide for International Construction Contractors operating in the UK

14 Jul 2015 by

. Guide for International Contractors 2015 With the strength of the UK economy, particularly in London, we are seeing increasing numbers of overseas companies setting up operations in England and Wales. At Colman Coyle we are often asked to advise international companies in connection with businesses which are already well established elsewhere such as hotels, ... more>

Do you know a good builder? – A common question that can have unforeseen consequences

14 Jul 2015 by

Howard Colman has recovered substantial damages for a commercial property client against an Architect for professional negligence and breach of contract. The client instructed the Architect initially to obtain planning consent for a development.  Once this was obtained, it employed the Architect to draw up plans and specifications, arrange for tenders for the project, and ... more>

Pre-event Questionnaire

27 Jun 2015 by

Partner Neil Curbison to speak to the Chinese delegation at Law Society Conference

26 Jun 2015 by

Dispute Resolution Partner Neil Curbison will be speaking to the Chinese delegation at the Law Society’s International Marketplace Conference in London, July 2015. He will be speaking on mediation as part of a wider discussion on ‘Solving International Disputes’. This follows on from partner Howard Colman’s recent trip to China and Hong Kong and is ... more>

Remedying Defects in Residential Lease Renewals

18 Jun 2015 by

It is not uncommon for the aggregate of service charge contributions from the tenants of a building to exceed 100% of expenditure. Such problems are often dealt with by an extra contractual scheme or side arrangement between the landlord and the tenant. The correct amounts are collected to avoid any prejudice. Notwithstanding, such inaccuracies within ... more>

Three-quarters of litigants using the Commercial Court in London are from outside the UK

16 Jun 2015 by

The Commercial Court is a specialist division of the High Court in England and Wales which is noted for having high quality specialist Judges and sophisticated procedures for dealing with substantial and complex commercial disputes. It has been at the forefront of many of the recent developments in the way in which litigation is handled ... more>

Landlords: Tenant’s Deposit – Time is Running Out

16 Jun 2015 by

Since 6th April 2007, where a deposit is taken in relation to an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (“AST”) landlords are required to protect the deposit with an approved scheme either insurance or custodial and to serve prescribed information on the tenant. What if, however, a fixed term AST was granted and a deposit taken before 6th ... more>